A public consultation event is planned be held to gather opinions and thoughts on the University of Limerick campus master plan. I have created a card based system for this event that will aid participation. Participants draw a card from a deck. The card drawn will give the participant a category to consider for development.The deck of cards contains the following:

  • Like, upgrade and introduce cards
    • Like - Participants list positives about the campus
    • Upgrade/Change - Participants suggest an improvement to something on campus eg more parking, cheaper food
    • Introduce -  Participants  introduce a new idea, currently non-existent on campus.
  • Categories
    • Environment (waste management, energy use etc)
    • Services (food, transport, rooms etc)
    • Recreation (Space to hang out, clubs, societies etc)
    • Use of Space (Room use, new buildings, green space etc)
  • +1 Cards
  • Each category has Appreciate, upgrade and introduce cards in the deck.
  • Users write an idea based on the card they draw. Ideas are written on sticky notes and then stuck to the card. The card is placed in the middle of the table.
  • +1 Cards can be used to vote up another person's idea. Players get 5 of these.
  • Users participate in groups of 5. The system is turn based.
  • If they have nothing to say on the given card, *they may use a +1 card, or pass the card to another users who has an idea.
  • Blank cards are given at the end of the event in case users had any ideas related to a topic they didn’t draw a card for.
  • +1 cards may be used at the end of the event, in a designated voting round.